What is Naughty Beans?

Naughty Beans is a team of 4 specialty coffee enthusiasts (Home Baristas) based in Punjab, India. With Naughty Beans, we aim to make the intimidating switch to Specialty coffee extremely easy.

Why the name?

  • Naughty Beans, believe it or not, was inspired by children. Naughty Beans is the child-like creativity and innovations transcending into adults, which we tend to lose with time.

  • Specialty coffee is extremely Naughty, and it plays around with your taste buds.

How are we different?

  • COVID-19 has inspired millions of blogs. 99.79% of these blogs simply relay the information from a famous source to you. We don’t. We experiment.

  • We make it extremely easy for you to start with coffee. Others make it complicated.

  • We’re Naughty.

What do we expect out of you?

  • We expect you to leave Instant Coffee in the cabinets, and preserve it for the next 20 years. Instant coffees are neither healthy, nor delicious. Please DO NOT defend this.

  • We expect your feedback, and loads of it. As professionals, we’ve thrive on feedback. Compliments? Yes! Suggestions? Yes!

  • We expect you to challenge yourself and develop your senses.

  • We expect you to read every post.

Where else can you find us?

  • Naughty Beans is extremely active over Instagram. We have an honest discussion with everyone who reaches out to us, discussions not limited to Coffee.

  • Naughty Beans home cafe can be found in Patiala, Punjab. Please reach out to us to get the directions to the Cafe.

What can you expect in the next Article:

We’ll do an elaborate comparison, and break down the details and the differences among:

  1. Instant Coffee.

  2. Your “regular” coffee in a cafe.

  3. Specialty coffee.


If you’re someone who’s easily offended, please know that it takes 0.5 seconds to close the website, and 30 seconds to drop negative comments. Take the easy way out.

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